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  • ACSC B55(PP): KGVI

    Booklet: An uncut pair of front covers. Very fine.

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  • QEII: Booklet panes

    A set of 7 booklet panes in extra fine mint unhinged. Includes 3½d red with and without watermark variations.

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  • SG SB1: 2s BOOKLET

    2s Booklet containing 2 panes of 6 of SG 1 (½d green) and 3 panes of 6 of SG 2 (1d red, die 1). Printing on inside covers is red on blue-green background with bold headings in serif. A superb booklet and possibly the finest we have handled; stamp colours are deep and there is no perforation separation or toning. CEREMUGA CERTIFICATE.

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  • SG SB 25a/ACSC B42a:

    2/- KGV CofA wmk booklet containing 2 panes of 6 of 2d golden scarlet, WMK INVERTED. Complete as issued, fine & fresh.

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  • SG SB27:

    2 shillings booklet containing SG 184 (KGVI 2d red die 2 x 12) with wmk upright. Fresh and extra fine. As issued.

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  • SG SB27: KGVI

    BOOKLET containing 2d red die 2 in two blocks of 6, Wmk UPRIGHT . Very fine and fresh.

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  • SG SB 28: KGVI

    Booklet 2/6 2½d red with” fawn” cover. Very fine and mint unhinged.

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  • SG SB 28a: KGVI

    Booklet 2/6 2½d red (wmk. inverted) with RATES ON OUTSIDE BACK COVER. Very fine and mint unhinged. SCARCE.

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  • SG SB28 (booklet): KGVI

    KGVI 1942 2/6 black on fawn cover containing 12 x SG 206w, 2½d red, wmk INVERTED. Super fine and fresh.

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  • SG SB37a/ACSC B67dv: QE2 Booklet

    QEII 5/- booklet, 5d green, Edition G1.  Waxed interleaving.

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  • SG SB38: 1965 5d red QEII BOOKLET

    Containing two panes (helecon paper).  Very fine and fresh.

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  • SG 59/ACSC B16B: KGV 1½d Single Wmk

    Cover black on pink with stamps being Single wmk., 1½d red brown. ACSC states this booklet has not been seen in recent times. This appears to be incorrect as we know of one other, plus this exploded booklet. Interestingly the spacing between staple holes from this period is 17mm. In this instance it is 12mm and this spacing matches the exploded panes and interweaving. A rare opportunity.

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  • SG 61(var)/ACSC B29(pane):

    KGV Single Wmk 1½d green booklet pane of 6. Very fresh
    and totally mint unhinged. SCARCE.

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  • SG 96w: Booklet pane

    KGV Small Multiple Wmk., perf 13½x12½. 1½d golden scarlet pane of 6, WMK INVERTED.
    Mint unhinged.

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  • SG 354a(var)/ACSC 400zb: 1963 QEII 5d green

    Block of 6 from booklet sheet showing PLATE No. 2, WITH DASHES, in upper selvedge.  Very fine mint unhinged.

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