Kangaroo: Perforated Large OS - 1st Wmk

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    • SG O1: 1st Watermark

      ½d green, large OS. Fresh, mint unhinged.
    • SG O1: 1st Watermark

      ½d green, large OS. Very fresh, mint unhinged.
    • SG O2(var)/POPE CL 29(1):

      1st watermark 1d deep red large 'OS' with plate variety: scratch through S and top...
    • SG O2(var)/ACSC 2ba(C)f,g:

      1st wmk 1d red, die 1 large OS. A horizontal pair with plate C varieties:...
    • SG O2: 1st Wmk

      1d red die 1, large OS. Mint very lightly hinged.
    • SG O3: 1st wmk

      2d grey large OS. Well centred and mint lightly hinged.
    • SG O3/ACSC 6bb(2)z:

      1st watermark 2d grey, CA monogram corner strip of 3, PLATE 2 large OS. All...
    • SG O3: 1st Watermark

      2d deep grey, large OS. Fresh and mint unhinged.
    • SG O3: 1st Watermark

      2d grey, large OS. Very fine and mint unhinged.
    • SG O4: 1st Wmk

      2½d indigo large OS. 4mm tear not visible from front. Used.
    • SG 04: 1st Watermark

      2½d indigo, large OS. A pulled perf at base, other wise very fine, used.
    • SG O4: 1st Wmk

      2½d indigo, large OS. Fine, used.
    • SG O6(var)/ACSC 15B,ba:

      1st wmk 4d ORANGE-ANILINE perf large OS. DRURY Certificate. Fine used.
    • SG O8(var)/ACSC 17(1)h.bb:

      1st Wmk 6d blue, large OS with plate variety RETOUCHED second E of PENCE. Used,...
    • SG O11: 1st Wmk.

      2/- brown large OS. Very fine used.