2nd Wmk

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    • SG 25(var): 2nd Wmk.

      2½d indigo with official WA perfin. SCARCE, very fine and mint unhinged.
    • SG O33(var)/ACSC 18B,ba: 2nd Wmk

      6d DEEP ULTRMARINE, OS. A very fine example of this scarce shade. Mint lightly hinged.
    • SG O33: 2nd Wmk

      6d ultramarine, OS. Mint lightly hinged and centred to top.
    • SG O33(var)/ACSC 18Bba:

      2nd wmk 6d DEEP ULTRAMARINE, OS. Unlisted in SG as OS perfin. SCARCE. Fine used.
    • SG O33: 2nd wmk

      6d blue, OS. Fine used.
    • SG O33: 2nd wmk

      6d ultramarine, OS. A mint unhinged example with light gum aging.
    • SG O33: 2nd Wmk

      6d ultramarine OS. Exceptional quality and mint very lightly hinged.
    • SG O36: 2nd Wmk

      2/- brown OS. Well centred, fine and used.
    • SG O36: 2nd wmk

      2/- brown, OS. Fine, postally used.
    • SG O37:

      2nd wmk 5/- bright yellow and grey, OS. A horizontal pair in good used condition,...
    • SG O37:

      2nd wmk 5/- grey and yellow, OS.  A very nice dated, used example.