KGV: Commemorative Perforated OS

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    • SG O112-O122: KGV

      Commemorative OS perfin set of 6. Very fine and cancelled-to-order.
    • SG O112-O122: KGV

      Commemorative OS perfin set of 7. Includes both type and type B 3d Airmail. Very...
    • SG O112: 1927

      1½d Canberra, perf OS. An upper right corner block of 4. Well centred and totally...
    • SG 116/ACSC 138zl:

      Additionally perforated OS 1½d swan. Fine mint hinged/unhinged ASH IMPRINT block of 4.
    • SG 116/ACSC 138ba,z-zk:

      1½d swan, perforated OS. A complete set of the 12 PLATE NUMBER corner blocks. Overall...
    • SG O119(A):

      3d Airmail OS type A. Super fresh, mint unhinged.
    • SG O120/ACSC 138.b.zj:

      1929 1½d Western Australia Centenary, PLATE No. 11 TLC block of 4, OS perfin. All...
    • SG O120: 1929

      1½d WA Centenary, OS. A lower left corner block of 4, totally mint unhinged.
    • SG O120/ACSC 138wa.zl: 1929

      1½d swan, perf OS ASH imprint block of 4. Light gum cracking (as usual). Fresh,...
    • SG 0121/ACSC 139ba,zg:

      Sturt, 2d carmine OS perfin. PLATE No 8 corner block of 4. All stamps are...
    • SG 0122/ACSC 140ba,za:

      Sturt 3d blue OS perfin. PLATE No 2 corner block of 4. VERY SCARCE. Fresh,...