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  • ACSC 59DP(1)A:

    HARRISON DIE PROOF of KGV ONE PENNY ENGRAVED. In black on yellowish wove paper. VERY RARE, the only example in private hands.

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  • ACSC 70DP(13)Ad:

    PERKINS BACON DIE PROOF. STATE 3, in black on thin glazed card (125mm x 95mm). “PERKINS BACON & CO LTD/PROOF” cachet on reverse. Very fine.

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    SINGLE LINE PERFORATION 1d carmine, DIE 2 printed on glazed white unwatermarked paper. The Specialist catalogue states two such examples are known. Drury Certificate. Mint examples of the issued stamps (SG 21a) have not been reported for many years, eluding present day collectors. A RARITY.

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  • PLATE PROOF ACSC 70PP(5)(4)va:

    KGV 1d carmine on PINK PAPER, punctured OS. Believed to have been prepared
    for the contractor who manufactured the OS puncturing head.
    A horizontal pair with right stamp variety:
    RUN “N”, state 2.
    BW states that one pair and two singles are recorded.
    Catalogue $12,000 (as two  singles).Choice.
    DRURY Certificate.  Mint unhinged.

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