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  • ACSC 59DP(1)A:

    HARRISON DIE PROOF of KGV ONE PENNY ENGRAVED. In black on yellowish wove paper. VERY RARE, the only example in private hands.

    $15,000.00 learn more
  • ACSC 70DP(12)Dc: KGV

    PERKINS BACON DIE PROOF. STATE 2 in violet on highly glazed thin card (124mm x 39mm). A GREAT RARITY.

    $14,750.00 learn more
  • ACSC 70DP(13)Ad:

    PERKINS BACON DIE PROOF. STATE 3, in black on thin glazed card (125mm x 95mm). “PERKINS BACON & CO LTD/PROOF” cachet on reverse. Very fine.

    $6,750.00 learn more

    1d carmine perforated proof on single watermarked paper, punctured ‘OS’ (Cat. $6,000). Dr STARLING CERTIFICATE. VERY SCARCE. SUPERB. Mint unhinged.

    $3,250.00 learn more
  • ACSC 70PP(5)(4)va: PLATE PROOF

    1d carmine printed on pink single watermarked paper, perforated OS. With variety RUN ‘N’ (STATE 2). A UNIQUE combination. DRURY CERTIFICATE. CHOICE mint unhinged.

    $4,750.00 learn more