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We constantly work together with clients to cater for their collecting needs and aspirations.

We are now compiling and printing new specialized album pages in house in the following areas:

Australia – Pre-Decimal SPECIMEN overprint issues
This collection comprises 10 pages, comprehensively listing all the specimen overprint variants in the Kangaroo, and later definitive issues.

Australia – Postage Due Stamps, Specimen Overprints
This collection comprises 2 pages listing the 1902 and 1902-04 denominations.

Australia – Kangaroos, First Watermark – Cancelled-to-Order
This collection comprises 13 pages listing both the Melbourne and Brisbane CTO’s.

Australia – Pre-Decimal King George V 1d RED SHADES
This collection comprises 11 pages, listing single watermark on both smooth and rough paper and the large multiple watermark in both Cooke and Harrison printings.

Australia – King George V Definitives, Single Watermark, Smooth Paper
One page listing the two RUSTED CLICHES varieties.

Australia – King George V Definitives, Single Watermark
One page showing the 4d lime-yellow stamp.

Australia – King George V Definitives, Smooth Paper
One page with the single-line perforation 14.2, 1d Die 2 stamp.

Australia – King George V Definitives, Small Multiple Watermark, perf 13½ x 12½
One page showing the 5d on 4½d redrawn die II.

Australia – 20th Anniversary of ANZAC Landing – Proof Plate
One page showing the 1935 1/- black with comb perf 13½ x 12½.

Australia – Pre-Decimal Coil Perforation Pairs
Four pages showing coil perforation pairs including the KGVI 2d scarlet in both perf. combinations, the KGVI 2d purple inverted wmk. variety,
½d Kangaroo with and without watermark and the QE2 helecon varieties.

Collection pages can be compiled according to your needs and individually produced “custom tailored” pages can also accommodate specialist items.
All printed album pages utilize premium high quality German blank Lighthouse pages and come with clear hinge less mounts for every stamp.