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    • FIJI SG 5: 1871

      1d black on rose, on thin vertically ribbed paper. BPA Certificate, mint with part original...

      POSTAL FISCAL 1891 $5 on $10 purple red. Stunning stamp. Fresh, mint lightly hinged.
    • HONG KONG SG 113

      KGV $2 carmine-red and grey-black, multiple crown CA wmk. Very fine, mint lightly hinged.
    • HONG KONG SG 118b:

      KGV 2c green, wmk. INVERTED. Lightly aged gum, mint unhinged.
    • HONG KONG SG 120b

      KGV 4c red, multiple crown CA wmk. Variety: Top of lower Chinese characters at right...
    • HONG KONG SG 126, 126a

      KGV 25c purple and magenta. A horizontal pair with one stamp showing BROKEN FLOWER variety....
    • HONG KONG SG 146, 146a

      KGVI 15c scarlet. A block of 4 with one stamp showing BROKEN CHARACTER variety. Fine...
    • HONG KONG SG 187a

      QEII $1 orange and green. Variety: SHORT RIGHT LEG TO R. Fine used.
    • HONG KONG SG 189, 189a

      QEII $2 red-violet and scarlet. A horizontal pair with right stamp having variety: SHORT CHARACTER...
    • FIJI SG 266b: KGVI

      £1 ultramarine and carmine. Lower right corner single, plate 1. Very fine and mint unhinged.
    • FIJI SG 323w: QE2

      5/- with Wmk. INVERTED variety. Fine used.